Reading in the Heartland

My life and thoughts, book by book. I enjoy many different kinds of books, though I generally avoid romance. Love mysteries, thrillers, and classics. I am normally in the middle of something nonfiction. 






My Book Jar

I got an idea from a friend about a book jar. There are so many books at my house, paper or electronic, that are sitting unread, and my jar is how I am going to fix that. I have the jar itself ready to go, tomorrow I fill it with slips of papers. I am excited for this random way to hit my reading goal for the year!

Looking for ideas

I used to read all the time, but really have gotten away from it in recent months. I miss being able to curl up with a book, and have decided that it is time to make time for that. I have a growing pile of books to get to, but am always looking for ideas. What are some of your favorites?